Great stories. Good business.

Torfoot Studios has a long history of telling stories and creating worlds.  Along with being artists and visionaries, we are business owners and executives.

 Great stories ARE good business.

Feature Films

• Three Days in August

  • Decoding Annie Parker

• The Standoff at Sparrow Creek

• Occupy Texas

• Puppet Master

• Satanic Panic

• The Eyes of Jefferson

• Montserrat

• The Hellmark Galaxy

• Brewmaster: First Taste

• My Name is Kira: The Kira Wahlstrom Story

• An Island Light

• R.U.R.


Short Films

• The Will Rogers Story

  • Mi Vida

• Johnathan Brownlee’s atHome

• The Daily Meal

• On Course

• Guest Book

• Texas Fight Night / Noches de Palea

• S.R.O. Standing Room Only

• (S)hit Squad

• Southside

• Brewmaster: In the Beginning

• The Samaritan

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